Hi All,

Can't seem to find any info on this and I'm hoping it's not something
stupid that I've over looked. Need your thoughts.

I have a 2 node cluster that has a primary IP address of and
the second node has a primary of They have a clustered volume
with a secondary IP of All's good on the 172.28.10.x network
(Connections, pings etc). Everyting works fine.

I recently moved some workstations to a 10.x.x.x network on a different
VLAN. The new workstations can ping everything on the 172.28.10.x network
BUT the secondary address/clustered volume. Of course, the server can ping
the workstation going the other way. Both servers are 'end nodes' and do no
routing. Shouldn't the secondary address assume the same gateway?

Additional info:
2-Cisco 6509 core
buttload- Cisco 3560's