We have a four node Netware 5.1 cluster running off a EMC CLARiiON
CX500. Every once in a while one node abends on Filesys.nlm. We have
not been able to find anything wrong that would cause it. Anyone seen
this before? Also, is there a way to run ChkDsk on a Netware volume?



Abend on P00: Double Fault Processor Exception (Error code 00000000)
OS version: Novell NetWare 5.00.10 January 7, 2002
Running Process: Server 56 Process
Stack dump exceeded the valid memory limit

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in FILESYS.NLM. The
problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a
process owned by SERVER.NLM.

"S" to return the running process to a safe state and update the
"Y" to copy diagnostic image to disk (COREDUMP).
"X" to update ABEND.LOG and then exit.