I'm planning on installing SP5 on our 7 node NW6.5/SP2 cluster this
weekend. I've scheduled downtime so I can use the "Slow but sure" method
of SP install on a cluster. I plan to install the following:

1. NW65SP5
2. NW65OS5A (actually just copied the SERVER.EXE into SP5)
3. N65NSS5A
4. TSAUP19

As for memory management (all servers have 4GB), I plan on the following

1. Remove the hard coded NSS memory allocation in NSSSTART.CFG and re-
enable cache balance at default 85%.
2. Leave user space setting at 573MB in the AUTOEXEC.BAT.
3. Increase file cache maximum size to 1342177280 (Novell tech support
recommendation) in STARTUP.NCF. Current setting is 1073741824.
4. Leave auto tuning on and see how it goes.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Thanks,