I haven't seen it in a patch yet, but I got mine by opening an support issue, then Novelll emailed it to me. I was credited back the incident since it was a bug. (I was actually one of the 4 beta testers for this patch.)

>>> Thierry<thierry.rangeard@gmail.com> 6/15/2006 6:32 am >>>

Hi There,

Does somebody has found the mysterious file clstrlib.py that must
fixed duplicated resources in iManager ?.

is it part of which a patch-file ?

This file must be dated April 2006 or later.

Thank's to the file's hunters.


I extracted into /tmp directory the content of the latest OES patch
with rpm2cpio /var/cache/rcd/patch_data/novell-cluster-
services-1.8.2-35.i586.rpm | cpio -ivmud and I only found a file dated
from february the 21....:-(Thierry