By the way, the root cause of this problem is when you setup clustering you probably used all-lower case for the eDirectory context, or perhaps the wrong case. The install isn't case-sensitive and allows you to setup clustering, however the is case sensitive, and that causes the problems.

I forget where the context info is stored, but if you do a search in the same dir as the file you can probably find the file with that config. Change the context to the right case and restart your cluster, your issues should go away.

When you do get your hands on the file, be sure to remove the clusterlib.pyc file, it is the compiled copy of the file, and if you don't remove it, it will still use old code.

>>> Thierry<> 6/15/2006 6:32 am >>>

Hi There,

Does somebody has found the mysterious file that must
fixed duplicated resources in iManager ?.

is it part of which a patch-file ?

This file must be dated April 2006 or later.

Thank's to the file's hunters.


I extracted into /tmp directory the content of the latest OES patch
with rpm2cpio /var/cache/rcd/patch_data/novell-cluster-
services-1.8.2-35.i586.rpm | cpio -ivmud and I only found a file dated
from february the 21....:-(Thierry