Netware 6.5 sp4
Two servers clustered
Cluster IP address is .205
Cluster_Pool address is .206

Even though my cluster is working, failing over and printing via NDPS just
fine, my ENS is giving me errors when I try to configure Printer
Notifications under NwAdmin. And... I am not understanding the underlying
object of having two different IP addresses for the Cluster and may have
confusion below. Many thanks. Jim

Question 1: Which address should I use in Console One in the properties of
the Cluster Pool Server as the CLUSTER RESOURCE? <set now to .206>

Question 2: Which address should I use in the corresponding LOAD and UNLOAD
scripts? <set now to .206>

Question 3: In NORM - Cluster Config for our cluster - which address do I
use? <set now to .205>

Question 4: In NORM in the Pool_Server Resource which IP address do I use?
<set now to> (not using CIFS or AFS)

Question 5: How could I best catch the logic of what IP address to use