For silly reasons, users with 300GB of space, want another TB of space.
Except it will be on a second physical device, so we are unwilling to
span the pool across two physical devices. We are chickens when it
comes to spanning.

So, I want to make the space in a new pool. Great, I want one cluster
resource for 2 pools.

Using C1, and cluster 1.7 snapins, if you try to enable a pool with an
IP already in use in the cluster you get an error. So I cannot pretend
it is like adding another volume in the pool.

I can edit the load script to say nss /poolactivate=POOL2 and then
mount all the volumes, and that works, and migrates and everything looks
cool, EXCEPT one very minor thing.

Backups through TSA in cluster mode!! They only show the volumes in
the first pool, not in the second mounted pool.

So am I missing something, or is this not possible? It seems like it
should work fine, but it does not.