I'm looking for recommendations for a an iSCSI device to run a NetWare 6.5
cluster against.

We were pretty sold on the IBM DS300, but it looks like this is not
officially supported.... (NetWare not supported OS from IBM side, DS300 not
supported hardware from Novell Product Catalog)

The customer already has 2 'real' (i.e. FC) SANs, but wants to replicate
the architecture in a scaled down fashion for 2 smaller sites (i.e. will be
2-3 node clusters as opposed to 5 node)

We could just buy a decent server and run NW65 as an iscsi target, but
would really prefer to use a dedicated hardware solution... I've seen
Lefhand mentioned in previous posts... any other alternatives? it looks
like the dell/emc and hp low end solutions are all based on Windows 2003

Suggestions welcome!

Many thanks