How do you specify the prefered node or server on a resource? I see where
I can set the start mode to auto or manual but there's no place to tell it
which server it should auto start on...

Also, in the last couple of restarts I've noticed my GW cluster is hanging
on the load. I can see on system console that GWMTA was called to be
loaded, logger shows no errors only various modules being loaded, but the
cluster resource screen has tons of output of modules loading, the last one
it shows is locnlm32 followed by "press escape to terminate any key to
continue". There's no error to accompany that message. I can press the
space bar and the process repeats with module after module until at last
they all load clean and Groupwise is happily running...there's no errors
and no problem I can see...just a need to press the any key after each
module that GW invokes....any thoughts?