2 node isci cluster - the msa cluster in a box
ie 2 hp dl380's - shared scsi storage and then setup as an isci cluster

serviced packed from 6.5 sp3 to 6.5 sp5
in nssmu i can see the device and the partition but nothing else

if i load the ion.ncf and then the tin.ncf

i can see isci library noral and then the context
then a warning from the iscsi target saying

ldap credentials have not been initialised on this server.

and then from the iscsitar - i see

bad taget name "iqn.1984-08.com.novell:iscsi-805e8dbe-b3b0-d811-8b7b-

login command failed

we were getting a bit about the secret dtore which we renamed the file and
then try to set in remote manager

we set this up ages ago and use the doc from cool solutions so can remeber
any of this ldap settings before

a list devices doesnt should the device

any thoughts

we did backrev support pack but no joy
reapplied to 5 and then updated the isci patches as well
the nds object has default rights and both servers are in it

this was the last server to be sp'd so i suspect that it may not be
anything to do with that - it seems ldap related or?

i think at 9am we are going to raise a novell call anyway but if i can try
anything - i'm all ears