Iím working on a project to implement Netware Business Continuity cluster
services with 2 EMC CX700 using MirrorView and have a few questions which
hopefully someone will know the answer to.

First off, is anyone doing anything similar and achieving good results.

Is BCS still on v1.0

There appears to be very little documentation on BCS, it states to install
DirXML management utilities on a server that is not in the cluster as it
can not be failed over. Could this not just be installed on all nodes in
the cluster?

Can the installation of DirXML that deals with BCS also be used to sync
passwords with AD or does it have to be exclusive for NBCCS.

Is there any advantage in having both clusters in the same OU or does it
makes sense to split them e.g cluster 2 in .DR OU

thanks for any help