Hi All,

Setup is: OES sles9 SP2 cluster, Shared SAN storage (NSS Vol, hosting
Domain/PO & Software Dist Lib), GW7sp1.

1- How (or where) do I configure the MTA/POA agents to listen ONLY on a
secondary IP address?

2- I have a shared Vol resource that migrates fine from one node to another
within the cluster, it is the (secondary) IP of this Vol resource that I
have used during the clustered GW7 install but what I need to know is how I
should config the LOAD/UNLOAD scripts?

To be more specific, I want to load the MTA; POA agents on one cluster node
& the GWIA; Webaccess agents on another cluster node. In the event that a
cluster node fails I want it's agents to failover (without Failback enabled)
to the other cluster node.

Hope this makes sense.