Netware 6.5 sp4
2 clustered servers each with a SYS volume
shared SCSI SAN with VOL1 volume
working fine

We downed one server at a time and applied NW65sp5.exe dated 11JAN2006 to
the up server, to update our two sp4 servers to sp5. We then applied all
inline updates through 22JUN2006.

Question 1:
The updates went fine, the servers restarted fine but now in fail-over tests
they will not fail-over and abend when we fail a server, either direction.
I know a lot can go wrong here but am I missing something big? We went back
to sp4 to stay alive....

Question 2:
In both our sp4 and sp5a testing, pulling the network cables from either
server causes abends. If we down the server instead of "pull the plug" we
get no abends. What is going on and how can we get this right?