I have a two node ISCSI cluster both inititators are Dell 1750s with 5 gig
of memory.

The target is a Dell 4600 with 6 gig og memory.

ISCSI is configured using jumbo frames on a private network and "isolated"
switch. the only traffic on that switch is the ISCSI traffic.

The Target has a 500 gig partition connected to one PERC 3 DI card using the
internal slots of the server.
Two external Powervault 220S devices are connected to the external channels
of an additional Perc 3DI

Throughput using TSATEST from either of the initiators using one of the
cluster volumes hovers at about 350 to 700 meg/min - at best

file copies using large files run about 15-16 Kb/sec (from a suse 10.1
machine using nfs mounts)

I am at my wits end trying to get better performance out of this system.