I am the eDirectory administrator for our network. I have not been
involved in the clustering services. However we do currently have a 3
node Groupwise cluster that is pretty much taken care of, and 3 2 node

1- NDPS cluster on Netware 6.5sp5
1- data cluster on Netware 6.5sp5
1- dhcp cluster on Netware 6.5sp5

I have been asked to review the work of one of the OS admins because the
clusters are not stable.

I would like to know if anyone has a good document out there on best
practices for clusters in Netware. ie.. autofailback, pool settings,
heartbeats etc....

also I did change the dhcp cluster ".NCF" file and added the
switch /hmo=off, according to TID 10092217. We seemed to be experiencing
the "comatose" scenario. We also see that on our DATA cluster (this is
used for homedrives and shared directories)

any help would be greatly appreciated.