We recently installed the Legato Networker 7.2.1 backup client that backs
up cluster virtual servers rather than physical volumes. The problem is
we have an isolated network for backups to keep traffic off the primary
LAN. However, the cluster virtual servers are not visible to the backup
server on the isolated LAN so we currently need to back them up over the
primary LAN. We would like to avoid doing this if possible.

Do you know if it would be possible to assign another secondary IP
address to each cluster virtual server so it would also be visible on our
isolated backup LAN? I'm thinking this probably would not work due to
SLP and SMDR issues.

The other thought I had was to establish a static route on each cluster
node that would allow the server to route the backup traffic from its own
mounted cluster volumes to the backup LAN.

Any other ideas on a solution? Thanks,