Hi all,

We have a recalcitrant POA that will no longer start in our cluster.
Whenever it starts, everything looks normal initially, but syslog reports:

Jul 18 18:04:30 kite ncs-resourced: GWPOSTAFF_SERVER.load resource pid 7108
Jul 18 18:04:33 kite ncs-configd: LDAP bind failed: ldap.INVALID_CREDENTIALS
Jul 18 18:05:30 kite ncs-resourced: kill monitor pid 7106

At first i thought this might be a timeout issue (1 minute from the
start of the load script is when it dies), but i increased this to 5
minutes in iManager, and it made no difference.

Both nodes in the cluster are also reporting LDAP errors in syslog:

Jul 19 13:20:06 kite /usr/sbin/namcd[29041]: ldap_initconn: LDAP bind
failed, trying to connect to alternative LDAP server
Jul 19 13:20:06 kite /usr/sbin/namcd[29041]: ldap_initconn: Unable to
bind to alternative LDAP servers either.

However, ndsd is running and listening on the right ports:

kite:~ # netstat -tpln|grep -e 636 -e 389
tcp 0 0*
LISTEN 27365/ndsd
tcp 0 0*
LISTEN 27365/ndsd

I'm starting to think there's still an LDAP/NDS error somewhere, and
this is preventing it picking up my new cluster configs, but i don't
really know where to start looking - any thoughts?


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