Hello all,

I have a situation, I have a clustered Pool which has traditionally failed over fine and I have had no problems with the scripting. Lately however, it seems that it always Comatoses and the Pool does not fail-over. The Server Automatically reboots from the ABEND and comes up but neither the original server nor any of the other member servers can activate the Pool as it is in a Comatosed state. Where do I check to see why/where it failed to fail-over other than just watching it?

Load Script:
nss /poolactivate=APPSDATAPOOL
mount DATA VOLID=253
mount APPS VOLID=254
NUDP ADD MainServer
add secondary ipaddress

Unload Script:
del secondary ipaddress
NUDP DEL MainServer
nss /pooldeactivate=APPSDATAPOOL /overridetype=question

Again, in the past this has worked great! Even now, if I go to NRM and OFFLINE/ACTIVATE the Pool it works just fine. It only doesn't seem to do it when the server abends? The abend.log file shows no recent ABEND logs and the server has abended about twice this month?

Thank you in advance for you contribution,