we have got a four node nw65 cluster, nwcs1.7.4 cluster. Now I looked
at the sbd partition (sbd view all) and three nodes have a signature
with SBD+ but the fourth has a star: SBD*.
Is this because the fourth node was updated to SP5? It has also nwcs
1.8.2 (did come with SP5 I assume).

We also have to wait quite a time until our nodes join the cluster
since we updated to 6.5 (has been 6 sp4 before). (EMC SAN CX600 (6Tb),
qlogic HBAs).

So we are asking us (and you now) if our SBD partition got corrupted
somehow and we should recreate it? Or are there other explanations for
this behaviour?

B. Kuhlmann, University of Hamburg, Germany