Hi there

Just wondering if anyone has been able to connect a SUSE 10 box to a
DELL/EMC Cx500 with a QLOGIC 2312 HBA

I have two queries which DELL support cannot help me with (since SUSE10 is
not officially supported by them yet)..

1) i understand that the qlogic drivers are compiled in the SUSE10 kernal.
Can someone confirm this? Alsdo, being *very* new to the SUSE route (I'm an
old Netware hack), how can i tell if the driver is running and what version
it is

2) How do i configure the Navisphere agent? I've got all sorts of doco on
installation, agentID.txt files etc etc, but I was jhopeing someone could
provide a definitive answer on:
- is navisphere supported on SUSE10
- what version are you running
- which config files (and location PLEASE!) do i need to edit

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Our internet connection is hemoraging
and I shudder at the thought of downloading SUSE9!

Many thanks!