BCC install/configuration

Iím in the process of doing some testing with BCC. I have 2 EMC CX500
running MirrorView on a single LUN. This is an example of my setup

..cluster1.primary (

..cluster2.DR (

Both 2node NW6.5 sp5

BCC V1 + patch.

The documentation is very vague; I have a number of question if anyone has
any experience on the product.

Iíve install DirXML starter and BCC on all nodes. + management plugin

Configuring the DirXML drivers: Do I ďcreate driver linkĒ on both
clusters? Also it states in the documentation to create a separate
container for the cluster pool and volume objects. In my example would I
have a .bcc.primary and .bcc.DR???

Itís also unclear how a volume resource is migrated to the other cluster.
If the primary mapping is \\cluster1\data and I migrate it to the second
cluster it would be \\cluster2\data how is this mapping transparently
remapped to a user? I understand that the Secondary LUN would be promoted
but the mapping would still have to be different????

I cant see why Novell havenít produced more documentation on this product????

Thanks for any assistance on the above