I have a werid problem.
We have a 4 node cluster using IBM x346 and Broadcom nics
When we updated the F/T from Novell to BASP, we are getting Resources
that just stop working, unable to ping or map drive to.
I have upgraded the B57.lan to v8.62 and BASP to v2.25, but the problem
is still there. IBM have just released B57.lan v9.42, and will try

But I can migrate the Resource to another node and do a Ping -T and it
will stop in exactly 5mins. if i migrate to another node, again stops
in 5mins. it will only work on one node out of the 4 nodes.

is there a problem with the BASP.lan as IBM says the latest BASP is
If Cold boot all cluster servers the problem disappears for a while,
but it appears later if a server abends and they failover. then the
problem appears.