Hello, and thanks for any time you may spend looking at this.

I adminster a workgroup server cluster consisting of two Dell PowerEdge
servers and a SCSI PowerVault NAS using the native 2-node clustering in
NW6. The servers have NW6SP5 and eDir 8.6.2 smp and use IP only.

Sometime last night the NAS lost communication with the servers. When I
checked the system this morning all three boxes were running. I was able to
logon to either server.

I restarted one server but when it was back up it still could not
with the NAS. Then I shut down the NAS, rebooted both servers and
everything is normal again.

I haven't been able to find a mention of a problem or anything else about
NAS in the sys error log or the server health logs.

Is there a way I find out what caused this problem and what to do to prevent
it from happening again?