I have a 2 node OES Linux cluster w/ 4 virtual servers. I started having
a problem the other day where 2 other the virtual server were
inaccessable. I tried to migrate the server to the other node and the
server that had the problem rebooted. Ultimately I was able to get all
resources up on the non problem node and it is working fine. I decided to
reload the problem node from scratch, remove replica, delete from tree

When I got to the point of rejoining the cluster, it couldn't see the sbd,
even though I can see it in nssmu. I still went through the install even
though the error was there and the server joined the cluster. It looked
like it joined the cluster but it rebooted again when resources were
moved. It then was in a reboot loop when cluster services started.

Could this be a problem with a corrupt sbd, if so are the consise
directions to delete and recreate the sbd on an OES Linux cluster.

On another note I saw some tids that mention problems with licensing when
reloading with Netware clustering, is licensing a problem on OES Linux as
well? ie. It thinks there are more that 2 nodes when there is only 2,
thus not letting it join.

Any help is appreciated.