I've changed the namespace of a clustered Volume from unix to long and now
the resources won't load on any of the clusternodes (mount option ns=Long
which is wrong and should be ns-long) . In a DAS-situation I would just
edit the fstab but now I have the problem that:

A) The volume is mountable
B) iManager will not see it if it's not online
C) I searched the whole OES Linux server and eDirectory for the mount
option for the clustered resource but I'm unable to find any options

**** just because some dude forgot to check his scripts I have 2 clustered
resources down and I'm unable to fix it. The supportbase gives no answer
too (Except that I have to instal an updated iManager plugin which won't
see the clustered volume anyway.....).

Can someone telle me where I can find the mount options for the clustered
volume so I can edit it and I can kick the volume back to life with the
right options ??

Thx in advance.