We've got a 2-node Novell Cluster v1.8.2(as part of Novell OES with SP2) on
SLES 9 SP3 on x86 h/w.

We were wondering if there is available NFS template to create shared NFS
service...Basically what we want to do is:

1) Share bunch of volumes via NFS so that remote client can nfs-mount them.

2) Run the I/O on the nfs-client and do some fail-over test to see whether
the nfs-client experiences any hiccups or not (we know the nfs-client will
experience temporary hiccup while it unmounts the FS from Node-1 and monts
them on Node-2)..

But we could NOT find any NFS template for Novell Cluster Service for
Linux/OES (SLES 9 SP3).

Any pointers (like sample template/scripts or HOW-TOs) will greatly be

I browsed thru' this forum but did not find much info on Linux...