I am looking for some assistance in clustering either an ext3 or reiserfs
file system on OES - Linux

The setup is:
OES NetWare 6.5 SP5 iSCSI target on standard hardware
SLES 10 - VMWARE Server Host
OES Linux SP2 iSCSI initiators as a VMWARE Guests (On different SLES 10 Boxes)

I have been following a few documents to try to get this working:

Just to name a few..

The problem I have at the moment is that the /dev/evms/sc_iprint1 device
does not appear when running the following in the resource load script.

exit_on_error evms -f /var/opt/novell/ncs/ContainerActivate -rl sc_iprint1
`uname -n`

I think the problem may be in the method I am using to create the EVMS volume.

Which of the documents above is the correct process to follow for creating,
loading and unloading EVMS volumes on OES - Linux SP2, or is there another
one I should be following?

Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,