I am running a 2 node Novell CLuster (v1.8.2) on OES SP2 with SLES9 SP3 in
our test envmt.
I configured successfully a samba resource and is coming online fine, but
want to know followings:

1)I am trying to use this samba share from other m/cs
(running RHEL AS 4 U3), but am NOT successful..I don't know whether my
samba client also has to be part of this Novell/OES family somehow OR "any"
client over IP network can access this samba share ? So far my experience
tells me that any client should be able to make use of this samba
share...but with the eDirectory and LUM etc on Novell/OES I am not too sure...

2) if I want to test bunch of volumes via samba, do I need a uniqe IP for
each of them ? Or can I just use one IP for those bunch of vols....

Any pointers will greatly be appreciated.