I have a two node cluster configured for active/passive and it works fine.
Now that we are going to start using NFS more here. I decided that I
wanted to configure for active/active. I cannot get it to work and it is
the preferred method. The documentation I copied below seems to easy,
maybe that is why it doesn't work... Any Clues???

NetWare 6.5 Documentation
Active / Active Mode

Active/active mode is the recommended configuration because it provides
faster recovery after a failure. Active/active mode signifies that Native
File Access for UNIX is running simultaneously on multiple servers in the
cluster. When a server fails, the cluster volumes mounted on that server
fail over to other servers in the cluster and users retain access to files
and directories.


If commented, uncomment the nfsstart.ncf command in the autoexec.ncf
file of individual nodes/servers of the cluster that will run Native File
Access for UNIX.

Modify the load script by adding the following syntax to at the end
of every load script of the clustered volume or pool.

xnfs share /shared_vol_name[/dir1[/dir2...]] [export options]

The volume name is case sensitive. For details on export options, see
Export Options.

The load script specifies the commands to start the resource or
service on a server, or to mount the volume on a server.

Modify the unload script by adding the following syntax at the
beginning of every unload script of clustered volume/pool.

xnfs unshare /shared_vol_name[/dir1[/dir2...]]

If you move a volume or pool, it will be unshared on the current node and
be shared again on the target node.