OESNWSP2, Apache 2.0.54, 4-node cluster using SAN box.

I am trying to set up clustered NetStorage on two of these nodes.
NetStorage has been installed and configured on each of the boxes and
can be accessed by using the DNS name or IP address of the servers.

I created an IP resource for NetStorage using the Generic template and
edited the load/unload scripts to call the IP address I wish to use
for NetStorage. This address is also registered in DNS and resolves

When I attempt to access NetStorage via either DNS name or the cluster
resource IP address I get no response. The secondary IP address being
used for NetStorage is binding on the server and can be pinged.

I'm reasonably sure this is resulting form Apache not listening
correctly on all ports, but the Listen line in httpd.conf is:

Listen 80

and when I check the server console it shows Apache listening on 80,
443, and 631.