I have a netware [2 node] clustered server (OES 6.5 sp4) running Groupwise 6.5.5. Today, the cluster was up and everything seemed OK except no one could access the POA. The CMON and the NRM showed all nodes up and nothing had failed over. I noticed GWIA wasn't loaded and when I went to load it I got an ABEND.

Upon restarting the server, the server would hang after loading iSCSIXML.NLM? After several reboots, I once saw it connect to three of my iSCSI targets. In my autoexec.ncf, I have ION followed by two iSCSINIT connect commands. Any ideas why it doesn't get past iSCSIXML? I have pinged the iSCSI target boxes and they are pingable. If I manually type the iSCSINIT connect command it connects partially to some of the iSCSI partitions.

The other node is running off of the iSCSI target box without a problem. HELP? My next step is to step the server and see if I bypass the iSCSI commands if the server will boot?

Thank you,