NW 6.5 - SP5 / OES / NSS / 2-Node Cluster / Pretty much Identical
Hardware / Identical Drive Space Available / iSCSI also involved

Finally joining the 21st Century and Mirroring/Clustering Servers,
running into a few problems that I would like to see if I can get some
help on...

Goal #1: To cluster and mirror the Data Volumes on the Drives that reside
on the servers (130GB of data). The Data Volumes are in a separate Pool
of the SYS volume.
DATADIR Pool = APPS Volume / DATA Volume / SHARED Volume
SYS Pool = SYS Volume

Problem #1: When I follow the directions on Clustering/Mirroring I'm
running into a snag where in NSSMU it shows the Volumes and the Pool are
Not Sharable for Clustering and I can't find a way to make them shareable
there in the NSSMU. Only if I look at the Device do I have the option to
share, but I cannot share because it contains the SYS Volume. No where
else do I see a way in NSSMU to change it to be shareable.

Goal #2: Once I get that done I would like to do the same to the iSCSI.
I have an iSTOR iSCSI that has 2TB of DATA and I have an existing Volume
on it and would like to have both servers connect it to in the event one
does go down it will continue to server up the files through the other
node. On the main server it shows the Volume when you attach to it. One
the second server it shows the space as unpartitioned and doesn't show
the volume thorugh NoRM.

Thanks in Advance for the help!