I continue to work towards building a clean install of clustering with
an IP SAN shared disk system and keep coming up with the same

I would like to be able to build an oes linux cluster server and have
ncs installed during the initial install process. I see some of the
dependencies required, iscsi initiator configuration being the primary
one, that prevents me from going thru the configuration. Is there a
big gotcha if I install ncs, but choose to configure later?

Should I get the red carpet patches installed an configured, before
installing ncs? or Should I install ncs from the oessp2 and patch

How should I roll over to autofs4 from autofs...Is there a new patch
that replaces autofs that is now autofs4?

when creating partitions on shared iscsi drives, should the ip address
of the resource be granted permission to access the SAN or is this all
handled thru the individual servers' initiators ip address?

Suggestions on any or all of these questions is most appreciated.