Content of TID listed below; Is this still an issue that I need to
work through (i.e. run red carpet oes patches, break clustering,
reinstall the novell-cluster-services-cli to get it going again..)

Thanks for any feedback.

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Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based) Support Pack 2

If you installed a new server from the OES Support Pack 2 media and
added this server to a cluster, then applied patches from the OES
Channel, Novell Cluster Services might stop working because of a file
To resolve this, complete the following using the OES SP2 Media:
From Yast, click Software . Install and Remove Software
Search for novell-cluster-services-cli
Right click the package, and select Update
Click Accept and follow the prompts
To download the OES SP2 media, see the Consolidated Support Pack

additional notes
The first time you update from the channel using Red Carpet or RUG
after installing a new server, all patches are downloaded form the
channel. Due to a change in the Novell Cluster Services RPM, an older
package is installed causing a file mismatch even though the RPM
Database shows NCS is up-to-date. Updating the
novell-cluster-services-cli package from the OES SP2 media corrects
the file mismatch and the issue is resolved for any future channel