six node Netware cluster v6.5 + sp5 with UPD patch as well. We constantly
have issues whereby Commvault galaxy software causes interference with
the clustering software, and are wondering if other people are having
similar issues.

for example , we cannot create any cluster resources whilst commvault is
loaded, they just disappear. ALso, cluster resources are very slow to
migrate, for example 20 minutes to migrate a resource that has only data
volumes on it, but to a server that does not have commvault loaded this
is less than a minute. Also have an issue regularly that the cluster
becomes unmanageable, all greyed out in consoleone, and imanager/nrm just
wont respond. Cluster commands issued at the server console also don't

In the mean time we have reverted to Arcserve, which does not have such
issues. Interested to see if others are experiencing similar issue.