I have a 2-node cluster running on NW65. I had an earlier post on here where all of a sudden I started to get SBD FATAL READ ERROR and one of the nodes would stop joinning the cluster. I had deleted and recreated the SBD mirroed partition and still no go?

At the time, I was using SP4 and was recommended to go to SP5 with nwcs18pt2, nw65sp5upd1. Actually, SP5 has had it's own set of problems with the server booting and running slow but, that's another matter? For example now I keep abending on NDMP from BackupExec?

I recreated the SBD partition again and still no go even after all the upgrades? HELP!!!

I can get one, or the other node to join but not both? Each nodes comes up fully, without any problems and loads all the resources asigned but, the other node CAN NOT join?

Thank you,