I understand that Novell usually just copies all the documentation from
one version to another, but I keep finding references to old software in
later versions.

Example one:
"edit the sys:\tomcat\33\bin\tomcat33.ncf"

Actually, the default tomcat on NetWare 6.5 is 4, not 3.3. Can we get
this fixed?

Example two:
"Install and set up the Netscape Enterprise Web Server for NetWare in
the cluster"

Netscape Enterprise Web Server? Really? You can get that with NetWare 6.5?

I'm sorry, but it seems to me that it wouldn't be that hard for Novell's
documentation experts to do a simple search for products which have been
replaced/upgraded when new versions come out. Better yet, point them to
the forums where they can update the documentation with solutions which
work. No WONDER I can't get GroupWise WebAccess working on my cluster.

I'm sorry to rant, but for heaven's sake documentation is supposed to be
where we turn first, right? Well, that doesn't do any good if it's out
of date. <sigh>

Thank you,