I am running a 2-node OES Linux Cluster, with 3 NSS pools, one volume on
each. After a failover, everything loaded on NODE2 and won't fail/migrate
back. The resources continue to go comatose. In
/var/opt/novell/ncs/<Resource>.load it simply says:

.... completed OK [elasped time = 2 Seconds 186 msecs 23 usecs]
.... Executing " bind"

.... FAILED completion [elasped time = 635 usecs]

The resources all load fine on NODE2, but none load on NODE1

I pulled the resource offline on both nodes, and executed the commands in
the script, and the FAILED happens on the "ncpcon bind" command. I can't
find any indication as to why the bind failed. Nothing has that IP bound,
nor the ncpname. Where would I find logs for ncpcon?
(/var/log/novell/ncpcon.log is empty)

The failover was caused by a reboot on one of the nodes, after one of the
NCP shares lost all records of trustees and rights. I restarted the node
that that volume happened to be on, in hopes that the failover would cause
nss to veerify the volume.