I have the following configuration involving two pools on a NW 6.5 two
node cluster and HP Eva 5000 SAN.

Pool Veritas
Volume Veritas 1 gig
Partition 0x25 1 gig

Pool Zen
Volume Zen 10 gig
Partition 0x26 1 gig
Partition 0x2D 9 gig

I no longer need my Zen Pool, Volume, or Partion or any of the data on
this volume.

What I would like to do is reallocate this to the Veritas Volume. Here
are the following steps I had in mind to accomplish this.

First offline the Zen resource via imanager/cluster manager.
Via nssmu delete the Zen Partitions,
Then via nssmu delete the Zen Volume
Then via nssmu delete the Zen Pool.

Via consoleone and imanager verify all of the objects related to Zen are

The double check that the old devices used by Zen are shareable and also
that they are initialized.

Next via nssmu go under partitions and create a new 10 gig partition.

Then via nssmu go under pools and select the Veritas Pool and hit F3 to
expand and select the partition created in the above step.

Does this sound like the process I need to follow?