ok we have an iscsi san and want to put it in a cluster .. this is an
email between myself and the vendor when i was asking if it was ok to
connect 2 devices to the same disk on the iscsi san and this was his
response ... can anyone make sense of this? i am at a bit of a loss .. i
know the unit works great for an iscsi device as a nss volume but a
clustered volume i dont know .. thanks ..

You will need to check on the required features needed for an iSCSI disk
to work with the software.


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what do i need to ask the provider specifically?

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I spoke with my engineers and we have not tested the D8 (this is the
iscsi device)with Novell's clustering software. Our device supports scsi
reserve/ release commands only. You will need to check with your
clustering software provider to verify the minimum requirements of an
iscsi disk. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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