Our mail lun is nearing capacity. We have a EMC/DELL CX500 SAN wSnapShot
and Clone capabilities.

Yes, we could create a Metalun - but having created them in the past, would
rather avoid the complexity involved with how Metalun works - and just opt
to replace the LUN.

Would you look over the steps we plan to use to replace the LUN with a
larger LUN, and let me know what you think of the plan?

1. Navisphere: Clone Mail lun
2. Navisphere: Create a 175GB or larger lun on DAE73 - this will be the new
mail lun.
3. C1 Cluster State View: Offline Email.
4. Backup Email to tape
5. Navisphere: Re-sync Clone
6. Navisphere: Fracture Clone
7. Navisphere: Add Clone to BackupServers Storage Group. / Present Clone to
BackupServer - and mount.
8. Navisphere: Remove production Mail lun from Cluster Storage Group.
9. Navisphere: Add new lun to Cluster Storage Group
10. Server Console: NSSMU - setup LUN / may have to delete and recreate
Cluster Resource.

It would be great if we did not have to recreate the cluster resource, but
we are concerned that will not work. As well as, do we need to delete the
volume and other objects in C1?

11. C1 Cluster State View: Bring new LUN online in Cluster as Mail volume
resource only.
12. Backup server console: Use Avanti Taskmaster to SYNC from Clone to new
13. C1 Cluster State View: Check Load/unload scripts. Offline/Online Mail.

These steps keeps the original LUN completely intact - for a possible
backout if needed.

Thanks in Advance!