Not sure if this is the right group, but here's my question:
We have a W2K3 machine, running ArcServe 11.5SP1 (4144), and a Netware
6.5SP5 cluster running the ArcServe agent (v11.1SP1) on all three servers.

When I, within ArcServe, connect to a machine using the actual ip adres of
the server, everything works fine.
But, when I use the secondary ip, ArcServe tell's me it cannot connect to
the agent.

Thing is, I explicitly want ArcServe to connect using the secondary ip, so
that if the DATA volume is migrated to another server, the back-up still
Is there something special I need to do with the agent to get this to work?

I don't need the backup to keep working when a server abends while the
backup is running, but I would like to see the backup still working when the
volume is migrated to the failover server for a while.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is not the correct group.

- Michel