I've got a fresh install of SUSE 10.0 on my server. I am attempting to
add EVMS to it. I've read a lot of documentation from
evms.sourceforge.net. Yet I still don't know where to begin.

Biggest source of confusion is this, since EVMS binaries are already
installed on my box (chose this during initial install,) does that mean
all the kernel mods are also in place?

Where should I start? Step 4 in this HOWTO?

At this point I'm considering removing the EVMS binaries and assuming
my box has nothing related to EVMS and start from Step 1 in the Install

At any rate any suggestions I would really appreciate. If need be I
can do a fresh re-install.

Also, anyone know of a good SUSE EVMS HOWTO? I've found a few for
gentoo but nothing for SUSE.