I've a question about enabling NCS on existing NSS pools/volumes on a SAN.
The situation is this: I have 2 test servers each with a fresh install of NW
6.5 SP6. Both have data volumes on an HP EVA4000 SAN. Currently, the LUNS
on which these pools/volumes reside are only presented to a single host.
There is also a 1GB LUN on the SAN that is presented to both hosts for the
special cluster partition. NCS has been installed and appears to be working
properly. Both test servers have been added to the cluster object

What I'd like to do is simple: cluster enable one of the existing volumes so
it can be failed over to the other server. However, the documentation doesn't
do a good job of explaining how to do this. Does the LUN with the data
volume need to be presented to the other host that will be used for failover
before cluster enabling it? At what point do I use NSSMU to mark the
partition "sharable for clustering"?

Any help on this would be appreciated!