I'm confused with the simple instructions for configuring apache for
I modify the httpd.conf on serverA to point to the cluster volume's
copy of htdocs and I modify the Listen parameter to point to the
cluster volume's IP address.

I can follow that part, but it's the copying to the other cluster
server's sys:apache2/conf dir that I don't understand. By doing that,
I have ServerB loading a script that claims itself as ServerA, by way
of the httpd.conf scripts tag "ServerName ServerA.com"

If ServerB doesn't have access to the virtual server, Apache doesn't
load at all. If I migrate the volume to ServerB and reload Apache,
then Apache loads from the console.

This would suggest that Apache must be initiated by the clustering
loads and after the clustered volume has been mounted. There is no
mention of this in the 1.8.1 Resource config guide for netware.
wouldn't this also cause failover issues for iPrint if apache loads
were not accounted for?

Is it the common practice to have Apache load from the cluster script?
If I do load from the cluster script, would I then use the virtual
server's name as the "ServerName" in the Apache conf file?

Thanks for clearing any of my confusion up.

Scott S