I have 2 netware 6.5 SP6 server, iscsi connected to intel ssr san and
try to create cluster volume object in iManager 2.6. The cluster is
running and both nodes are up. I have cluster partition on the san
volume. The san is created with NSS pool, partition and volume. ISCSI
can connect from the first server is mounted and running fine. The NSS
pool is clustered enabled.

When I try to create new cluster volume object, I got "invalid access
number returned from server"
(german : Ungültige Zugriffsnummer erhalten vom Server")
and the creation stop at this point.

Is there any other way to create cluster volume object from existing
volume on a san ?

When I load ton.ncf at the second server the iscsi connection is hand
over to the second server and I can mount the volume there.
Trying to create ISCSI partition with NSS dont let me create a volume

The cluster partition tool sbd.nlm shows cluster partition to be ok.

My research in the netware knownledge base I found need to have iscsi
nds object but dont have,
when I try to create it, I got error that it is there already.

How to make the san volume to be cluster volume ?

Thanks for all hints !!