We are implementing a new 3 node Netware 6.5 SP6 1.8 Cluster on a new
shared storage SAN. We have an existing 3 node Netware 5.1 Cluster,
instead of doing a migration, I intend to create a new cluster, new
volumes and migrate the data to the new cluster.

however, due to the use of UNC paths, I will need to maintain the virtual
server names when they are moved. I tested this and see that I can delete
the original cluster resource, then create the new one and give it the old
virtual server name. My question is can I do a cluster cvsbind more than
once to the same volume? ie: can I have cluster cvsbind clusterold_apps
on one line to one ip address and then cluster cvsbind newcluster_apps to
a second ip address, both bound to the same volume (this would hold for
nudp commands as well. Would this register both virtual server names and
allow me to use both?

Thanks in advance