I have 6 domains and po's spread across 5 nodes in the cluster.
I need to back them up. I have found some documentation on this, but had

On the TSAFSGW.NCF file do I need to include ALL of the virtual servers?
ex. /vserver-GWFS1
/vserver-GWFS2 etc.. on separate lines or on the same line?
additionally, do I need to include ALL of the /home-domain /home-po for all
the clustered resources, and do they need to be on the same or separate lines?
And lastly, I would think that I need to load TSAFSGW.NCF on each of the
nodes, is that correct?
I'm kinda new to clustered services and such, so bare with me..
This might not be the correct forum for this, if not, I might try the GW forum.