OS: NetWare 6 sp5 ; NCS 1.6.4
Current setup: Web volume on SAN A (EMC FC4700); pool size = 328 GB
Goal: move to new volume on SAN B (EMC CLARiiON CX700); pool size = 64 GB
Restriction: existing pool is larger than new pool so mirroring/breaking
the mirror isn't an option (method we're using for other volume migrations)

Any comments on whether or not this will work?

1. Create new pool (Web) and volume (WebTemp) on SAN B (don't cluster
enable initially)

2. Rename existing Web volume on SAN A to webOld and modify unload script
to reference webOld

3. Bring Web cluster resource offline (which contains the newly renamed
webOld volume)

4. Rename WebTemp to Web and cluster enable via NSSMU (shareable for

5. Modify load and unload script to reference new pool name (Web) and
switch unload script back to also reference Web instead of webOld

6. Bring Web cluster resource back online

7. Restore full backup to the "new" Web volume