Hi, I am looking for a little help setting up SLP so that it's cluster aware.
I've followed the following document:
but am still having problems.

For starters, it appears slpda isn't being loaded on the active node in the
cluster. I've added the appropriate lines to the load and unload scripts
of the SLP service resource per this doc, and am thinking instead I should
just try to put it into our virtual server's load/unload scripts.

Even after manually doing a set SLP Agent IP Address=Follow and loading
SLPDA, it doesn't appear I'm getting the correct results when typing
display slpda and display slp services on each of the clustered nodes.

My final question - Would I be better off to just implement two DAs for
redundancy instead of bothering with trying to cluster enable SLP?

We have a two node iSCSI cluster, with four other servers in the tree.

thanks in advance